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Franklin, TN

April 1, 2012

Cool Springs Galleria – A reader writes, “The Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, TN (just a few miles south of Nashville) has a couple of great spots for nursing. The women’s restroom in Belk has two chairs and a comfy leather couch. It’s typically pretty quiet in there too. The changing table wasn’t the best, but I’ll take lounging on a couch over a great changing table!

There is also a mother’s room just outside of Belk on the second floor. It contains a rocking chair and a leather chair, and the door locks so that you can have complete privacy. No need to cover up!“

Nashville, TN

May 28, 2008

Crown Ford – 646 Thompson Lane – A reader writes: “When my husband & I took my car to a local Ford dealership for maintenance I discovered that they have a changing table and chair in the area adjacent to the ladies restroom. Nothing luxurious, just a plain wooden chair and a diaper station that folds out from the wall, but it looked like it would work as a semi-private setup for nursing.”

Gatlinburg, TN

April 2, 2008

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Aquarium – A reader writes that this attraction  “has a nursing room in the bathroom by the entrance. (The only bathroom I saw, not sure if
there’s any others.) It was a very plain room inside the women’s bathroom, but there were 2 wooden rocking chairs, enough room for a few large strollers, and the door had a lock on it. There were changing stations outside of the room, in the bathroom, 2 of them, I
believe. This nursing station was nothing special, by no means, but I was still grateful for it.”

Dollywood –  ” Dollywood listed a few areas on their attraction map. The second time
I went to find a place, It ended up being a closed off room in the bathroom with nothing but a wooden bench in it. Since I knew where a better one was located, I just took the longer walk to that one for the rest of the time there. The “Baby Care Station” on Showstreet was great! It’s a separate room decorated like a nursery at home might be,
with cute things on the wall. The room was heated, which was very nice in the cold winter weather. There were 2 gliders, a tiny kids table & chairs with toys & books, 2 changing tables with mobiles hanging overhead, and a sepearate closed off room with a toilet and sink. Also, a small table with a suggestion box on it!  I was able to fit my rather large stroller, and even with other families in the room, I never felt cramped. I enjoyed the fact that I had to feed my daughter every 3 hours because it gave me a very comfy, relaxing break from all the craziness that comes along with the amusement park experience! The
rest of my group was quite jealous, I think!  (I don’t know for a fact that the Showstreet station is the only one done up that nicely, because I only tried to visit 1 other nursing area while there.)”

Memphis, TN

January 14, 2007

Children’s Museum of Memphis – This museum has a room available for nursing mothers.

Memphis International Airport – A  reader writes: “The bathroom near the American Airlines ticketing counter in the Memphis airport has a large lounge area with a couple of chairs that would be a good place to nurse before hopping on a plane.”

Another reader adds: “The Memphis Airport has several restrooms with an extra room for moms. It’s not as nice as Nordstrom, but they have changing tables and seating for nursing.”

Opry Mills Mall – Nashville, TN

June 20, 2006

Opry Mills Mall – This mall has a nursing room, but it has been described as a closet with a bench.

Chattanooga, TN

June 20, 2006

Tennessee Aquarium – There is a nursing room off the family bathroom in the food court area.

Creative Discovery Museum – A reader writes: “In Chattanooga, TN, at the Creative Discovery Museum, they have a nursing room just outside the gift shop. There is a bathroom, a changing table and at least one chair. I did not breastfeed here, just changed a diaper, but I suppose the facility is adequate. At least it’s quiet, so you don’t have to try to feed a curious little cat in public, with a bunch of noisy kids constantly stealing her attention (and exposing your boobs to the masses!)”