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Keystone at the Crossing Mall – Indianapolis, IN

May 31, 2008

Keystone at the Crossing Mall

Mimi/Motherhood Maternity – A reader writes: “Mimi/Motherhood Maternity has a large dressing room with a bench/sofa that is great for nursing.  It’s not technically a nursing room, but they always are very supportive to nurse there.”

Potomac Mills Mall – Woodbridge, VA

September 20, 2007

Potomac Mills Mall – A reader writes that this mall: “has ‘family restrooms’ throughout the mall and approximately 1/2 of those restrooms have a separate ‘lounge’ area with couches. It is not women and baby only, but it is great especially if you have other children with you.”

Motherhood Maternity – A reader writes that it: “has very small changing rooms without benches and no where to nurse.”

Motherhood Maternity – Flowood, MS

April 13, 2007

Motherhood MaternityDogwood Festival – A reader writes: “Employees have all been super nice.  Dressing room is very large and has a nicely padded bench.”

Northpark Mall – North Jackson, MS

April 13, 2007

Northpark Mall

Motherhood Maternity – A reader writes: “I asked the employee if I could use a dressing room to nurse my son, he was 4 months at the time. She rolled her eyes but said okay. The
dressing room was TINY. It had a small stool with a thin cushion on it.
It was not comfortable, and trying to nurse Asher there was difficult.

Northshore Mall – Peabody, MA

December 27, 2006

Motherhood Maternity – This store will allow you to use a dressing room.

Nordstrom – A reader writes: “The new Nordstrom at the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA has a great place for nursing.  There is a dedicated nursing room off of their women’s restroom.  It has 2 comfy chairs with a changing table and sink.  It’s comfy, quiet and perfect for a baby like mine who gets distracted when nursing in public!”

NorthStar Mall – San Antonio, TX

December 1, 2006

NorthStar Mall – A reader writes: This mall “Has a niche in one of the 2 women’s restrooms in the food court {the one without the changing table}. It has a bench… It works quite nicely for nursing, but is in a very busy restroom. It only fits one or maybe 2 at the most strollers, and there is often a wait due to the restroom being so busy.

I’ve also been told that the Motherhood Maternity store at NorthStar
Mall will allow you to use one of their fitting rooms to nurse in, but
have not confirmed this.

Coral Ridge Mall – Coralville, Iowa

June 4, 2006

Coral Ridge Mall

This mall off of I-80 has a nice family area.  It's located off the food court on the way to the restrooms and contains: a comfy sofa and very comfy stuffed chair by an activity table, two large contoured changing pads on the sink counter, a toddler restroom, family restroom and a nursing room.
The nursing room has a battered glider rocker and a small table, but it is private (door locks) and you can turn out the light if you're trying to put a sensitive baby to sleep.

Motherhood Maternity – This store is nursing friendly and has a very large soft play/climbing area.

Dulles Town Center – Dulles, VA

June 1, 2006

Nordstrom – There is a ladies lounge off of the women's bathroom on the first floor near the children's clothes and the fishtank. It has one sofa, two or three chairs, a changing table and a sink. There is also a diaper vending machine, but it only appears to sell one size of diapers.

Motherhood Maternity – There is a large dressing room with a padded bench, but the fabric has seen better days. 

Stoneridge Mall – Pleasanton, CA

June 1, 2006

Nordstrom – There is a mothers' room with a sofa and changing area separate from the restroom.  There is also a large lounge for "nursing overflow" if the mother's room is full (only seats about 2 moms).

JCPenneyThere is a lounge area on the way into the restroom with sofas and a changing area.

Motherhood MaternityThey have a dressing room that is extra large that they let you use for nursing.