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Oklahoma City, OK

February 1, 2012

Oklahoma City Airport – A reader writes: “Just past security at the Oklahoma City Airport, there is a ‘nursery’ room by the restrooms. It has a nice rocker and a curtain to pull around it for privacy.”

SFO – San Francisco, CA

January 30, 2011

San Francisco Airport – A reader writes: “We just used one of several nursing rooms at San Francisco airport. They are marked ‘nursery.’ There is one in the rotunda next to the women’s bathroom, one across from gate 60 and, I’m told by traveler services, several more. They are each a small, locked private room. They contain a padded chair with arms, a sink, changing station, trash, and big play yard thing for toddlers. To get in you call the number posted by the door using the courtesy phone.”

Albany International Airport – Albany, NY

November 29, 2007

Albany International Airport: A reader writes: “Just wanted to let you know that the Albany airport has a ‘nursing mother’s lounge’ which is really just two wingback chairs in the ladies restroom, but it is better than nothing. :-)”

Oakland International Airport – CA

July 5, 2007

OAK – A reader writes: “Nowhere whatsoever, and the airport staff was not particularly helpful.  The regular bathrooms have oversized stalls so they didn’t have a dedicated family bathroom.  If I had been there during business hours, and I was desperate, I could have rented a private office cubicle at a place called “Laptop Lane” for about $15 for 15 minutes.  Instead, I used the time to buy fresh batteries and pumped on the plane in my seat, covering up as best I could with a blanket.  (Fortunately, the ambient noise on the plane was so loud that I couldn’t even hear the pump myself.)”

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – Texas

July 5, 2007

DFW – A reader writes: “Family restroom in Terminal D (with outlet and counter, but nowhere to sit) was recommended by the extremely helpful and sympathetic volunteer staff as the best place to pump.  This one was much more deluxe, with a marble-type counter and better air circulation.  I felt badly about tying up the room for half an hour, but the volunteer staff said not to worry.”

PHL – Philadelphia International Airport – Pennsylvania

July 5, 2007

PHL – A reader writes: “Family restroom (with outlet and a counter, but nowhere to sit) was the only place to pump.  It was stuffy but adequate.  I felt badly about tying up the room for half an hour, but the airport staff was firm that this was the only place, and pointed out that there was more than one family restroom in the airport.”

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, MN

March 17, 2007

Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport – This airport has a nursing room on the C concourse as well as a family room on the E concourse.  Please click here for more details.

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Calgary Airport – Calgary, Alberta

February 25, 2007

Calgary Airport – A reader writes: It’s a lockable room near the washrooms near gate A16 (there are probably more, I just wasn’t in other parts) and has a glider, room to change a baby though no actual change table, a sink and paper towels.  It’s marked with a sign with a baby instead of a man or woman or wheelchair.

Memphis, TN

January 14, 2007

Children’s Museum of Memphis – This museum has a room available for nursing mothers.

Memphis International Airport – A  reader writes: “The bathroom near the American Airlines ticketing counter in the Memphis airport has a large lounge area with a couple of chairs that would be a good place to nurse before hopping on a plane.”

Another reader adds: “The Memphis Airport has several restrooms with an extra room for moms. It’s not as nice as Nordstrom, but they have changing tables and seating for nursing.”

Logan Airport – Boston, MA

June 13, 2006

Terminal B – The women’s rooms have a separate baby area with a bench for nursing and a changing table and an accordian-style pull-across door for privacy.

The airport also has a family room, which is a very open space. It has lots of rocking chairs, a place for toddlers to play, a kinetic scuplture to watch, and large windows looking out onto the tarmac. It may not be good for nursing a baby who needs quiet, but it’s a good place for little ones to run off some energy before a flight. It’s by the check-in counters, so it’s outside of security. It’s not actually a closed room, more of an alcove/lobby down a little hallway that has a half-height wall (the no-door thing can be a problem if you have an older child who’s prone to wandering).

Terminal C – The women’s room has an area similar to the one described above, though I didn’t notice a door.